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Abbey Wineglass

Artist, Animator, and Creative

A Visual Journey

Since graduating with two majors in Animation and Art History and a minor in Asian and Pacific Studies from Loyola Marymount University, Abbey's self-driven attitude and career-focused motivation have strengthened. When assigned any task, Abbey utilizes their strong work ethic along with their skills in leadership and reliability, allowing them to adapt quickly to new environments, cultivate original ideas and concepts, and work well in individual and team settings. Abbey is passionate about opening pathways for minorities to explore the arts, sharing and visualizing diverse stories, and curating relationships between animation and museums.


"I continue my long history of oil painting while exploring all mediums, including 2D and 3D animation. I have been creating art since elementary school; however, it was not until middle school that I took a serious interest in it. I know that my exposure to and love for Art History fueled my interest in doing more in the area of Art. Additionally, my fluency in Japanese has added to my passion for exploring cultures and my studies in Asian and Pacific Studies. "


Abbey's background has shaped their love of storytelling in animation and their style, as seen throughout all their artwork. They believe in sharing diverse and untold stories of people of color through the power of color theory.​


"My aspiration as a person is to grow in my artistic ability and understanding of cultural differences in order to give back to those that have helped me shape the person I am today."


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