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Who Am I?

A Visual Journey

Hello! My name is Abbey Wineglass and welcome to my website! I am currently living in California but am originally from the East Coast and the Caribbean. I mainly create with oil paint but I explore all mediums. I have been creating art since elementary school, however, it was not until middle school that I took a serious interest in it. I know that my exposure to and love for Art History fueled my interest to do more in the area of Art. I attended an art class and under the tutelage of Mrs. Romanoos, there I learned the basics of oil paints. This class unlocked a passion and I continued to paint, even after the class ended. I am driven to keep creating art by exploring different subject matters and mediums. At the end of middle school, I discovered the digital side of art and began teaching myself the basics of Photoshop, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. My goal as a self-taught artist is to become an animator and to combine my digital and traditional art to tell a story that impacts the lives of others positively. My aspiration as a person is to grow in my artistic ability and to give back to those that have helped me shape the person I am today.
My body of artwork consists of both medium of acrylic and oil, but I gravitate towards working with oil more often. I believe that oil paints give you the flexibility and depth of color. It can be applied in many different ways which often results in a fusion of tones and colors regardless of the brush size. The greatest advantage of the use of oil also can serve as its greatest disadvantage, which is, it is slow drying. This allows the artist to modify while painting. While this is a benefit, it also demands more time for the drying process.

About Me: Bio
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