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My Portfolio

Welcome to my official portfolio. This page includes a variety of my favorite works of art, from traditional oil painting work to 2D and 3D animation. Scroll down to find my Demo Reel and each individual works and their descriptions.

Animation Demo Reel Winter 2022

Official Portfolio Work

Click the arrows to slide through each individual artwork.

Additional Works of Abbey Wineglass


This button below will take you to storytelling and storyboarding work.

2D Animation

The button below will take you to my 2D animation work. All 2D Animation has been created in Procreate, Adobe Products, Harmony, and more.

3D Animation

The button below will take you to my 3D animation work. All 3D animation has been created using Maya 2023

Traditional Flowers

Clicking the button below will direct you to the 'Traditional Flowers' page, which there showcase some of my works of art that hone in on traditional oil aspects with the subject matter of flowers and nature.

Oil Sketches Project

Clicking the button below will direct you to the 'Oil Sketches Project' page, which there showcases my first official zine project.

Shop for Prints

Visit my online store to view and purchase prints of my paintings! Click down below

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